Unemployment Cover

Allows your finances to be taken care of when you can’t, so your family doesn’t miss out

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Unemployment Cover

Unemployment insurance is a type of income protection and/or mortgage payment protection. It is designed to pay you a benefit if you are made redundant. Losing your job, and therefore your income, is a horrible experience, but adds significant financial worries too.

16 million people reportedly have less than £100 in savings leaving them no protection for 'a rainy day', but most of us need protection so that we can ensure that when we are out of work we can still pay the bills. Mortgages, rent, energy bills, running the car, insurances, council tax and of course food, all are basic expenses which will need to be paid regardless of if we are working or not. The financial implications of not being able to pay the rent or the mortgage could be severe.

This cover solves that problem and gives us peace of mind. Some unemployment policies can also provide 'carers cover' helping those who are forced out of work to care for loved ones. We have the widest panel of unemployment insurers in the UK and our advisers can help find you the right policy at the right price.

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The benefits of Unemployment Cover

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    Up to 65% of your income covered

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    Pays a monthly benefit

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    Protects Mortgages, Rent and bills

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    12 months benefit

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    A choice of excess periods

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    Carers cover available