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Life & Health for Businesses

Taking care of People Risks

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Life & Health for Businesses Life & Health for Businesses Life & Health for Businesses

"Our new relationship with Assured Futures, has proved extremely beneficial, their focused, diligent service has enabled us to deal with several outstanding issues, that could have proved detrimental to the organisation and its workforce."

Simon Marshall, Head of Workforce, WDP
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Who's taking care of your people risks?

Running your own business can be extremely rewarding but occasionally you might hit a bump in the road. What would happen if you, or another key person in your business became seriously ill? Would it affect sales or productivity? Could you afford to recruit and train another senior member of staff and how would that impact upon workload, customers and staff morale? 

Safeguarding your business Reward your top talent Why Us?

Safeguarding your business

Business life and health insurance gives you a protective buffer when you need it most. You'll have access to a cash injection to cover any outstanding business loans, to purchase shares or pay for recruiting and training staff. And should the worse happen to you or a member of staff, there'll be a lump sum for any dependents to ensure they still receive an income.


Key People Risks


key people risks
  • What happens to the business if a Key Person becomes ill or dies?
  • What happens to productivity, customers, work load, profits and sustainability?
  • What happens to the shares?
  • How does the business cope short/medium term?
  • Key Person Cover
  • Shareholder/Partner Protection
  • Business Loan Cover
The business

Employment Risks

Your staff

Employment risks
  • How do you reward your staff throught he right mix of employee benefits?
  • How does the business cope when staff are unwell?
  • How do you attract and retain good people?
  • How do you keep your staff fit, well and productive and get them back to work when ill?
  • Group Life
  • Group Healthcare
  • Employee Benefits & Wellness
  • Group Flexible Benefits
  • Employee Benefits Platforms
The employee

Individual Risks

Your loved ones

Individual risks
  • What happens to the business if a Key Person becomes ill or dies?
  • What happens to productivity, customers, work load, profits and sustainability?
  • What happens to the shares?
  • How does the business cope short/medium term?
  • Tax Efficient Relevant Life Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Private Healthcare
  • Employee Benefits
You and your family

Reward your top talent

It's not all about what happens if...! Our range of affordable healthcare, benefit and wellbeing packages will help you recruit and retain top talent and keep staff feeling motivated and appreciated.


Group life and death cover

Group Life Cover/ Death In Service

Financial support for your employees' loved ones when they need it most. Provides a tax free lump sum to the employees family.

Key person cover

Key Person Cover

Every business will have people that are 'key' to the running of it: employees with valuable technical expertise, or strong relationships, CEOs and directors. Key person cover can provide the business with important funds to help it survive the impact of losing a key employee.

Business loan protection

Business Loan Protection

To repay business loans, thus help secure the business's viability upon death or critical illness of a person who has loaned money to the business or guranteed business debts.

Shareholder protection

Shareholder (or Partner) Protection

A business 'Will' helping the remaining partners/shareholders retain control of the business while providing the deceased's family with compensation.

Private medical insurance

Private Medical Insurance

Providing private health care to speed up treatment, avoid NHS waiting list and enjoy quality healthcare.

Relevent life cover

Relevent Life Cover

If your business isn't big enough to warrant a group scheme yet, relevent life policies provide single employees with a death-in-service benefit. Premiums are a tax deductible business expense.

Group health insurance

Group Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance benefit for employees, to help recruit and retain staff, manage attendance and staff wellness.

Group income protection

Group Income Protection

Short term sick pay cover or long term income protection cover for employers and employees.

Group critical illness

Group Critical Illness

Providing employees with a lump sum if they suffer a debilitating condition like stroke, heart attack or cancer.

Health cash plans

Health Cash Plans/ Dental Plans

This simple policy allows your employees to claim back their everyday health care expenses: dental work, eye tests, prescriptions, physio etc.

Employee flexible benefits

Employee Flexible Benefits Platform

Giving your employee a choice of benefits, part or fully funded with a technology platform to communicate benefits via smart-phones and online.

Life & Health for BusinessesWhy Us?

We have over more than 50 years' experience in making a difference to business and providing clients with competitive and comprehensive group life and health insurance. We look forward to speaking to you about your requirements.

Making insurance easy.

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